Service Upgrades

BatCO Tech can help you upgrade your service from 100A to 25KV. From a small 200A-400A or a private transformer or a Hydro takeover, we work closely with BC Hydro, Fortis BC and municipalities to ensure a smooth service without power interruptions. As a Class A contractor, we can work on industrial high voltage lines as well as commercial and residential installations

Fast, Easy and Simple Panel Building Procedures in our Chilliwack Shop!

Electrical Safety
Safety is not just a slogan but a standard and way of doing business. Our professional electricians hold safety as the highest priority, no matter the service they provide. They ensure that all of the equipment installed and serviced is grounded, tested, and most importantly safe before they leave your property. There are many ways one can do an installation but on safety, there is only one and we don’t take shortcuts.
Written Warranty and Statement of Completion
Included with our services is a written warranty/ statement of completion. Sometimes such statements are required by strata complexes, insurance companies, banks, or private stakeholders. A written warranty/statement of completion includes details of the work done, the purpose of installation, and references to the electrical and panel building standards. Furthermore, our panels are CSA or Intertek certified or EU, UL markings.
Efficient Assessment
When troubleshooting we cannot guarantee the amount of time that a project will take as every electrical equipment and installation is different. However, all of our technicians are experts and can formulate a time frame based on past and similar projects, and explain their work so you understand how the work will be done. For new assembly, new built, alterations, and manufactured products we can provide you with an upfront cost.
BatCO Tech Exclusive Guarantees
Because we focus on quality not quantity, we feel comfortable to offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed .

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BatCO Tech was 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 winner of the Automation Only “Excellence in Customer Service” award. You could say that we know our way around your electrical systems! Our Fraser Valley & Lower Mainland electricians have been serving their communities with pride. If you’re in need of help, give us a call.

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400 Amps Service Upgrade

Fraser Valley best choice for safe electrical systems.

When it comes to electrical systems don’t take chances and have your done properly. A simple loose wire can create a fire. That’s way we use Quality Control measures to ensure that we maintain a safety and quality standard on all projects.

Why should you have a control panel manufactured and installed by BatCO Tech?

Food & beverage processes relay on technology that is easy to adapt and still adhere by the ever increasingly stringent food safety standards. We participate and partner with suppliers that similarly understand the complex needs of breweries, bottling stations, processed food, meat processing, dairy, and bakeries.
A panel starts with an engineered diagram with selected components that seemingly integrate with each other. If we don’t have a functional diagram then we will create one together with an I/O diagram, power distribution, BOM, block, and layout diagrams.

Calculating Load during service upgrade

The 24th edition of the Canadian Electrical Code offers a comprehensive list of steps that need to be taken to calulate the load for sigle dwelings, appartments, schools, hospitals, hotels, commerical places, etc.

Ther are many resources that can help you better understand the logic and steps you need to take. Residential calculators on line can be at times misleading so care is required when reading online information. BatCO Tech always recomends calling a qualified electrical contractor to do the calculations. 

What are the benefits of having a panel build to certifiable standards?

For one is to ensure that no contaminants are entering the process. A system that is not calibrated and doesnt integrate and communicate with the other components wel, will not desinfect, measure and control each step of the food manufacturing process.

How should I ensure that my panel will be built properly?

A panel shop needs to adhere to tested procedures and standards.
Once built a panel shop should also offer you the option of site installation so they can also do all the testing and calibrations as needed.