Panels include tags, labels, legend, wiring, din rail, wire duct & raceway, installation labour. It does not include certification , taxes and delivery. This calculator is to provide a guideline and basic pricing as it doesn't take into account the specs that you will need for your installation. Cost will vary based on the specs of the parts and equipment that you will need. A written quote from BatCO Tech supersedes this calculator

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Included: Delivery and set up, bolt in, installation & connection to transfer switch and 200A panel, testing
Not Included: Transfer switch, 200A panel, taxes, connection to fuel source, permit related fees
Transfer Switches
Included: Transfer switch, cables, connections, conduit from gen to TS, installation
Not Included: Connection to main property service or Hydro, permit related fees, taxes
EV Chargers
Included: Charger, delivery and set up, installation, load calculation, testing, charger to vehicle matching.
Not Included: Adaptors, cables, breakers, connection to main electrical panel (TBD on site), permit related fees, taxes
Lighting & Motion Sensors
Included: Fixture and replacement of existing fixture for up to 12 feet ceiling height
Not Included: Extra cables, breakers, relocation, equipment, taxes, permit related fees
Service Upgrade
Included: Main panel install and connect, meter base, service mast and accessories under roof, removal of old panel & meter base, wires & accessories.
Not Included: Hydro charges, permit related fees, breakers, repairs and modifications to structural, electrical cabinet/room, taxes, repairs and trouble shooting existing electrical system
Power Generation Solar
Included: installation of8 panels @100W ea on ground level, 1.5kw inverter, smart controller, installation and testing
Not Included: Cables associated with installation, supporting structure, batteries, permit related fees, taxes, conduit and cable accessories, calculations, drawings,
Tenant Improvement
Transformer Included: Transformer, installation at floor level, testing, Fused disconnect, grounding plate
Transformer Not Included: Cables and cable accessories, supporting structure, conduits, grounding, permit fees , taxes, delivery.
This calculator is to provide a guideline and basic pricing as it doesn't take into account your specific installation needs. Cost will vary based on the location, height, requirements, regulatory bodies, eng drawings, other trades, accessibility, additional options and features, etc. An written quote from BatCO Tech supersedes this calculator.

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Please contact to discuss your specific needs, projects and goals. Projects and estimates can be calculated on a one time bases or on a monthly plan. Please fill up the Message Us form with as many details as you can and we will call you back.

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