Most small and medium electrical contractors lack the time and resources to create competitive estimates and bid on jobs. With more demand on your time, it is difficult to manage all the aspects of the business as it is. You could learn how to estimate the same as you could learn how to do your own website ranking and online marketing but many find that they can grow their business faster by using companies that specialize in estimation and project management.

A good estimating department is a crucial component of a company that intends to grow, thus many electrical contractors have chosen to either hire or make the chief estimator a partner in the company. But what if you are not ready or willing to share ownership.

Outsorcing and hiring a company to create estimates is nothing new. There are many companies that do that and do it quite well. The benefits of outsourcing the estimating are quite evident:

  1. No need to purchase expensive estimating software.
  2. No need to update the database
  3. No need to learn a new skill
  4. No need to spend hours creating items and assemblies
  5. No need to be stuck to a computer for hours and days

One of these companies is BatCO Tech offering estimation services throughout BC and helping small electrical contractors win jobs. A good estimate is key to understanding your productivity, profit, and loss and keeping track of the market. Hand in hand with the estimate is the project management services offered through BatCO Tech where every aspect of the job is tracked and monitored.
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